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​​montebello RESTAURANT:323-722-9535 catering OFFICE: 1-877-945-1785

Entree Choices:

Fettuccine Alfredo,

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce,

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce,

Lasagna with Marinara Sauce,

Lasagna with Meat Sauce

​*Add $2.50 Per Person for Grilled Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo*

The Classico Package         $15.95

Choose Two Hot Entrees                               Per Person



The Mama Mia Package   $16.95

Choose Three Hot Entrees                             Per Person


($200 Minimum for Delivery) (Check for Pick-Up Availability)

Caesar Salad (1 lb. serves 3-4)                                                                     6.95

Fresh Bruschetta (1 qt. serves 6-8)                                                             16.95


15 Person Minimum for Delivery(Add Full Fiesta Decorations for $2.00 Per Person)

Italian Packages Include: Color Coordinated Plastic Tablecloths, Personalized Menu Greetings, Centerpiece, Plates, Napkins & Utensils, Plastic Bowls for Condiments.

Food Included: Your Entree Choice(s), Tossed Caesar Salad with Croutons, Parmesan Cheese & Creamy Caesar Dressing, Fresh Bruschetta, Garlic Toast, Parmesan Cheese, Crushed Chile Pepper.

Close Up of lasagna

Half Tray Entrees (Serves 8-10)

($200 Minimum for Delivery) (Check for Pick-Up Availability)

Spaghetti with Meat or Marinara Sauce                                                       26.95

(20) Italian Sausages with Grilled Onions, Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers     29.95

Fettuccine Alfredo                                                                                        32.95

Grilled Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo                                                               37.95

Lasagna with Meat or Marinara Sauce                                                        34.95

The Italiano Package         $14.95

Choose One Hot Entree                                 Per Person